Englischer Lavendel - Ernte 2019

English Lavender - Harvest 2019

English Lavender - Harvest 2019

We have 4 varieties of English lavender Lavandula angustifolia, which has a particularly beautiful dark blue colour, for culinary use.

The harvest begins when the lavender buds are rich in color and fragrance, but the individual flowers are not yet open. The harvest window here is very short, lasting only a few days.

When harvesting the flowers for the lavender syrup, the flowers are separated from the stalks and the flowers are placed in the stainless steel barrel for mazaration (creating the flower extract). After a week and a half, the time has come and the syrup is made from the lavender blossom extract and organic sugar, resulting in the wonderfully lavender and intensively pink lavender syrup.

The second and very time-consuming step is drying the lavender. To do this, the lavender is tied into bundles after cutting and dried immediately on the stick and then hung up to dry in the air.

Then the lavender is rubbed off by hand, sieved and cleaned.

The splendor of flowers that you have been looking forward to for so long will gradually disappear. But next year in June the lavender will start to turn purple again and bloom beautifully.

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