Felslindenhof Qualität - Pflanzenwasser Pflegemilch

Felslindenhof quality - plant water care milk

Felslindenhof quality - plant water care milk

We love our work, which is also due to the fact that we don't have to compromise when it comes to the quality of our products. Our concern is therefore to bring as many organic ingredients as possible into our products and of course not to process useless or even dangerous raw materials.

An example of this is our plant water care milk. Yes, a somewhat unwieldy name, but the name says it all. Lotions/care milk are available for a few euros in drugstores and hardly anyone knows that water is usually bought here at high prices. Because lotions consist of more than 80% water, except for us. Our plant water care milk consists of 100% natural active ingredients and 75-80% organic plant water, i.e. organic hydrosols from rose, rose geranium, lemon balm, lavender, clary sage and witch hazel.


Hydrolates are formed during the steam distillation of herbs or flowers. The water vapor rises through the still filled with plant material and releases the essential oil from the plants. The steam then condenses in the refrigerator and the essential oil separates in the Florentine vase and is removed. What remains is the hydrosol, which is also called plant water. You can find out more about hydrosols in the blog here

We made three special products out of it. Find out more about the ingredients and quality by clicking on the image and viewing the products.

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