3 luxury soaps in the blue wooden box

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Type: Geschenke

The elegant oval wooden box contains three selected varieties of our luxury soaps, embedded in pastry capsules. The soaps are made using a complex technique from particularly high-quality ingredients. The box is covered with paper.


Qualities: This soap not only puts you in the holiday mood just visually, but also with its wonderfully flowery, warm scent of a bouquet of exquisite South Sea blossoms! High-quality care oils also pamper demanding skin. Aloha!


Qualities: Freedom, diversity and tolerance - these are just some of the qualities that are symbolized by the colors of the rainbow. A fresh unisex fragrance with a beautiful look makes this soap special for everyone who encounters the world with an open heart.


Qualities: The shimmering colors of the sea and the fresh scent of water lilies awaken the longing to dive into the sea and let the waves carry you away like a mermaid! The scales - er skin! - is pampered by valuable care oils.

General: These soaps are made by hand in small batches from fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives. Drain well after use and allow to dry for higher yield. Store in a cool, dry place for long-term storage.

Fresh weight: 3 x 30g

Dimensions of the box: 13 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm

Ingredients: Shea butter*, olive oil*, coconut oil*, babassu oil* and castor oil* saponified, perfume, cosmetic pigments, mineral pigments

(*from certified organic farming)