Benzoin Siam Resinoid 100% - 10ml

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INCI: Styrax tonkinensis
Origin: Thailand
Consistency: Viscous-solid, reddish-brown oil
Extraction: Extraction
Plant part: resin

Our 100% pure benzoin Siam is viscous. The oil bottle therefore has no dropper and it is advisable to use a spatula or toothpick for easy removal. The viscosity is explained by the fact that it is a resin.

As with the benzoin tree itself, people use this resin to heal wounds. It has a physical antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and on the other hand very calming effect. In the psychologically therapeutic area, Benzoin Siam relieves nervousness and tension and supports feelings of security and security. It is therefore used both in the medical/cosmetic and in the therapeutic area.