Stone pine hydrolate organic 100ml / 500ml

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Type: Hydrolate

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We have been cultivating organic flowers and herbs on our Felslindenhof for many years.

We put our own tailor-made steam still into operation in 2014. This enables us to process the freshly harvested plants immediately, i.e. to produce organically certified hydrosols of the highest quality ourselves. We obtain our Swiss stone pine hydrolat from South Tyrol.

Hydrolates, formerly also called plant waters, floral waters or aromatic waters, are a valuable by-product of steam distillation. They form as condensate when the water vapor cools and are mixed with the water-soluble components of the plant, while the oil contains the fat-soluble, volatile components. Since the effect of the hydrosols is milder, they can be applied directly to the skin without hesitation.

These waters, so highly valued by our grandparents' generation, are currently experiencing a true renaissance.


Swiss stone pine hydrolate has a stimulating effect on the heart and circulatory system as well as on breathing. Inhaling has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, especially in the case of hoarseness, colds and coughs, since the antibacterial properties of the stone pine inhibit the proliferation of germs and support mucus solution and expectoration.

Since the essential stone pine oil should not be applied undiluted to the skin, the gentler hydrolate is a practical alternative.


  • Invigorating facial and shaving lotions

  • Inhalation to prevent inflammation in the throat and pharynx

  • Treatment of impure, inflamed skin

  • Relief for skin irritations such as sunburn

In cosmetics, its astringent effect and its relaxing properties, which unfolds during massages and ointments, are valued.

Filling quantity: 100 ml in the blue glass bottle

Shelf life: 12 months after opening (store in a cool and dark place at 8°-10° in the refrigerator). No additives or preservatives.

Organic certified