Natural products from our own production

We specialize in the manufacture of pure natural products. The soap manufacturer at the farm has specialized in hand, face, shower and hair soap and produces pure organic natural soaps that can be bought in the shop or at markets.

Overall, however, we start our work directly with the plants, process them in the best possible way and create products that rely on the power of nature.


We place high demands on our products. This includes, among other things, that the raw materials must be of the highest quality and that no non-natural ingredients are used. We mainly use organic certified ingredients and some of our products are also certified organic. All in all, the BIO certification makes raw materials unnecessarily expensive and it is more important to know how the cultivation and processing actually take place and whether the substances are purely natural.
Seifenkanten beschneiden
We grow lavender and herbs ourselves and use the cooperation with farmers from the area to have a variety and an appropriate amount of herbs and flowers available. The Buhl family, our neighbors, planted almost a hectare of organic lavender with us. Stefan Schlegel has been growing organic lemon balm for many years and provides us with fresh lemon balm herb for distillation. We are currently in the process of cultivating new plants that are following climate change in our latitudes, such as Blue Tansy, a plant from North Africa. We also distill mint, sage and birch at our farm and dry not only lavender but also rose blossoms, marigolds, cornflowers and much more.

Lavender has done it to us. We have 4 varieties of dark blue "English Lavender" mainly for culinary use and 2 varieties of Bulgarian oil lavender for essential oil distillation and lavender hydrolate extraction.

With the first experiments in the cultivation of herbs, herbal distillation also began in 2012 and with it the dedication to this almost alchemical transformation of herbs into essential oil and hydrosol/plant water. In 2014 the first larger still was built according to our own specifications and in 2019 another still went into operation and so we have a still capacity of 600 liters. We use it to create the basis and important organic ingredients for our natural cosmetic products. Our ORGANIC lavender oil is of medicinal quality, which we are particularly proud of.