natural insect spray lavender and tansy - nourishing and effective 100ml

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This insect spray relies on the effectiveness of natural substances and the ability of plants to repel insects. All ingredients of this insect spray are grown and manufactured at the Felslindenhof in the Waldviertel, except for the organic alcohol, which is made from Lower Austrian grain in the Tulln area. All ingredients are certified organic and we can guarantee that there is nothing else in the bottle but pure nature.


Two plants make this bug spray so effective. This is on the one hand the lavender and to a much greater extent the forgotten tansy, which grows along the waysides throughout Austria. Tansy has a long tradition and has been used to repel insects since the 17th century. New studies prove this effectiveness. It could be proven that only a few tansy plants in a potato field reduce the Colorado potato beetle infestation by 60-80%. In England it is a long-standing tradition to hang bundles of tansy in window frames to dry and thus keep flies away. It is probably the high content of umbellulone and chrysanthenyl in tansy that has such a deterrent effect on insects. With lavender, on the other hand, the insect repellent effect is still well known and is practiced using lavender bags in the closet.


Spray the bug spray onto the skin and simply let it dry, or gently rub it in with your fingertips. This process can be repeated at any time if necessary.


Organic lavender hydrolate - Austria

Organic tansy hydrolate - Austria

Organic alcohol - Austria