Basil Oil - 10ml

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INCI: Omicum basilicum oil
Extraction: steam distillation
Origin: India
Plant part: leaves

Basil, also known as king's herb, is a heat-loving herb that we associate with Mediterranean cuisine. With over sixty varieties, it belongs to the mint family and grows upright to a height of 60 centimetres. Some of them thrive under good conditions even perennial. Even before it became known in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, it had held a central, even sacred place in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

The essential oil of basil is characterized by a strong, spicy and at the same time fresh, herbaceous aroma, with a light hint of mint.

On a physical level, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of blemishes, acne and insect bites. Its analgesic nature is used for arthritic conditions. Due to its blood circulation-promoting properties, the "royal oil" has a stimulating effect on the kidneys and thus contributes to general detoxification and to lowering the uric acid level in the blood. For menstrual cramps, it proves to be an antispasmodic.

Its positive influence on our soul is to balance stress by reducing feelings of tension and strengthening nerves. Basil helps overcome mental fatigue, lifts mood and boosts confidence.