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This hand disinfection is a healthy and natural alternative to standard disinfectants. We do not use the harmful chemicals used in most products and rely on the power of raw materials of natural origin.

If health-promoting products are important to you, then this hand disinfectant is the product of your choice.


  • Organic alcohol in food quality made from Austrian organic grain in Austria
  • Organic lavender hydrolate from our own cultivation and distillation
  • Organic glycerin, purely vegetable and palm oil-free and certified according to the pharmacopoeia
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Organic lavender oil from our own cultivation and distillation
  • 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% plant-based, vegan, food grade, cosmetic grade
  • Free from harmful alcohols, chemical substances, petroleum derivatives


This disinfectant relies on the scientifically proven effect of alcohol in a 70% concentration and on the equally scientifically proven effect of lavender oil in a concentration of up to 1%.


The use of organic lavender hydrolate, organic glycerin and organic aloe vera counteracts dehydration of the skin. It creates a pleasant feeling on the skin even with frequent use. Additional skin care products such as lotions and creams are of course recommended.

Price-performance ratio:

This 100ml bottle contains 85g of disinfectant. For an effective disinfection of both hands you need 4 pump strokes, which corresponds to 0.42 g.
This bottle of hand disinfection is sufficient for at least 200 disinfection processes.
One disinfection process therefore costs € 0.067.

If you were to choose a cheap disinfectant with partly harmful and partly toxic ingredients (more on that in the upcoming blog article), it would cost about half as much, but you could use it even if you disinfect your hands 10 times a day only Save € 0.30 per day. But they would have questionable substances on their hands all day long and probably dry and cracked skin.

Basic information about disinfection:

Many viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus, have capsids around their RNA core and are surrounded by a lipid (fat) envelope that also contains proteins. This is where most disinfectants come in and use alcohol with a concentration of around 70% to destroy the lipid envelope and thus render the virus harmless. Likewise, soap, which has a pH of around 10, acts on the lipid layer of the virus.

In addition, oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are used, which oxidize organic substances by providing oxygen and thus have an effect on the protein components of the lipid envelope of viruses and bacteria. Although essential oils have been scientifically well researched, they are currently not used by manufacturers. The chemical substances are preferred and the side effects accepted.