Pine oil organic from South Tyrol - 10ml

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We obtain the essential stone pine oil from the same traditional family business we trust in South Tyrol that also distills our mountain pine oil. Various certificates prove both the quality and the decades of experience. It's guaranteed 100% pure and unadulterated, a real treasure.

One liter of pine oil requires an average of 80-100 kg of fresh pine bark. If a 10 ml bottle is offered for less than ten euros, there is a high probability that it is a product diluted with cheaper pine oils.

The stone pine is an evergreen, coniferous coniferous tree of the pine family. Their kingdom is, so to speak, the top floor of the Central Alps and Carpathians, where they inhabit the mountainous regions between 1500 and 2400 meters. Arolla pines can grow up to 25 meters high and 1000 years old. They are often marked by lightning strikes, and bizarre treetops are also formed, ruffled by the storm wind. The trunk has a cracked, resinous bark that insulates well from the cold. The twigs and needles of the stone pine feel soft and gentle and are covered with a wafer-thin layer of wax to protect against drying out and UV radiation. The often very pronounced growth of beard lichen is an indication of clean air. The Swiss stone pine develops its first blossoms and cones at the young age of 60-70 years. The seeds are called pine nuts. In contrast to other trees, they remain in the cone and are only released by various animals, which use them as high-fat food. The nutcracker, for example, buries whole cones as supplies for the winter. If necessary, it dives through the snow cover in a nosedive. He finds 80% of his supplies again, the remaining pine nuts germinate and ensure the rejuvenation of the stock.

People have always valued this elegant, resilient tree and reverently refer to it as the "Queen of the Alps."

For generations, a variety of furniture and other everyday objects have been made from its intensive and persistently fragrant wood: chests, cupboards, beds and cradles. Even whole farmhouses and taverns were and are still paneled with it. Because old folk knowledge and what many perceive says: we feel more relaxed and relaxed in rooms with pine wood. Our sleep is calmer and more restful.

Further names: Zirbe, Zirm, Zirbel, Arve.

The essential oil of Swiss stone pine exudes a fresh, light, woody resin scent with a balsamic note. One immediately feels invigorated, like walking through a fragrant forest.

Swiss stone pine oil has a broad spectrum that is similar to that of mountain pine. It has a stimulating effect on the heart and circulatory system as well as on breathing. Inhaling has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, especially in the case of hoarseness, colds and coughs, since the antibacterial properties of the stone pine inhibit the proliferation of germs and support mucus solution and expectoration. This ability is also used when storing food. Bread stays fresh and mold-free for longer in tins and bowls made from pine wood. Also, with this aspect, it is excellent for treating acne and other skin problems. Massages and embrocations increase blood circulation, which noticeably relieves muscle and joint problems. However, it should not be applied undiluted to the skin, but together with a carrier oil. The most common and versatile is almond oil.

People feel more relaxed and able to concentrate better in a room that smells of pine. You feel regenerated and strengthened in your will, stimulated and active.Stone pine oil gives new courage in times of mental stress

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