Pine Needle Oil - 10ml

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INCI: Pinus silvestris leaf oil
Origin: Romania
Extraction: steam distillation
Plant part: needles and twigs

The pine is an evergreen coniferous tree with particularly long needle leaves that can reach a height of over 45m. It is mainly found throughout the northern hemisphere in cool, humid climates. Pine Needle Oil is distilled from the fresh needles and branch tips of various species of pine.

The pine needle oil smells fresh, green, resinous and woody. Due to its germicidal qualities, it can inhibit the spread of pathogens not only in the body but also in the air in the room. The expectorant effect in the form of inhalations is good for colds, colds or mild bronchitis. A special feature of pine needle oil is its cortisone-like effect, which is why it is often used as a bath or rub for rheumatic complaints and muscle pain. Its relaxing and invigorating properties and the pleasant scent of the forest make the oil a very popular sauna scent.

Caution: Pine needle oil must not be used in bronchial asthma and whooping cough. It can increase airway spasms