Sage oil Dalmatian - 10ml

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INCI: Salvia officinalis oil
Extraction: steam distillation
Origin: Dalmatia
Plant part: leaves

Sage is a plant that also grows well in Central Europe and has always been used medicinally. It smells fine aromatic and is helpful in many health issues. Sage promotes concentration and has a general strengthening effect. It also helps with hair loss and dandruff and is beneficial in sweat regulation. Its effect on oral hygiene and on sore throat is just as positive.

Since sage can contain significant amounts of thujone, which depends on the variety and growing area, it is important to be careful when dosing. Overdose can be neurotoxic and cause epileptic seizures. Especially in the case of small children and pregnant women, it is generally recommended not to use sage oil and, if necessary, to switch to sage hydrolate.