Spicy Lavender Oil - 10ml

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INCI: Lavandula spica flower oil
Extraction: steam distillation
Origin: Spain
Plant part: flowers

Spike lavender, also known as broad-leaved lavender, is an aromatic evergreen shrub of the genus Lavender in the mint family. It is native to the Mediterranean region, grows on dry, sunny slopes and grows to a height of 80 cm. The essential oil is obtained from panicles and flowers.

Spicy lavender, with its tangy and fresh-herbal scent of lavender, is more stimulating than lavender because it lacks the calming ingredients of lavender. It ensures a clear mind, strengthens concentration, strengthens the mind and gives a strong mental boost. In cold and flu times, it scores with its anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antiviral properties. Due to its warming, circulation-enhancing and pain-relieving effect, it can also be used to treat sore muscles, tension and rheumatic complaints.